This morning’s search for meaning!

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This morning’s search for meaning!

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This morning’s search for meaning!

A Species With Amnesia

Date Published: January 31, 2021
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If any of you are familiar with Graham Hancock, you will know he is a British writer and journalist famous for, among other things, his studies into ancient civilisations. He is, in my view, unnecessarily disparaged by some establishment academics as a ‘pseudo-scientist’. One wonders if there is a little insecurity in some quarters that instigates a prickly reaction to him, to protect their interests in being the sole keepers of historical knowledge. His background as a journalist discounts him from being a scientist they mock, but to my knowledge, he has never made that claim.

His work includes many books, Ted talks, documentary films, and public lectures. He has met with resistance and challenges along his career from those opposed to him searching for clues to lost civilisations where current palaeontology asserts there are none. I would like to talk about that certainty in a future post; there is lots to discuss there I think.

I may not come to exactly the same conclusion on every facet of Graham Hancock’s reasoning, but no individual has possession of all the facts about the past, certainly not me. All of us together should pool what knowledge we have in the search for the truth of our true history, and not be confined by historical dogma. However, where I am completely of like mind to him, are in his endeavours to be open minded to the possibility that peoples of the past had access to incredible wisdom and knowledge that has, unfortunately, been lost to us today.

With our modern (Western) world of high paced mechanisation, instant physical gratification and towering palaces of commerce; how will the thundering freight train of consumption finally come to rest? Through sagacity or tragedy?     

In our clamour for progress, materialism and intellectual sophistication, have we left behind and buried in our dusty wake, the ancient wisdom that holds the answers that we now seek in these crazy and troubled times we find ourselves.

An ancient Egyptian stone tablet of Thoth and other Gods of their day

I am going to transcribe a short presentation he gave on Utube of ‘Thoth’s Prophecy’. Which you will find, accompanied by an excellent, part animated film.

It may or may not be just allegorical. I would simply ask you, to ask yourself afterwards, if Graham Hancock strikes you as someone who is mischievous in his motivations , or has feigned authenticity for his presentations; or, do you feel he is a man of sincerity in his yearnings for truth, and has a genuine want for us to re-discover a better way to live than we currently do.


In ancient Egypt, Thoth was a god of writing, wisdom, magic and the moon.

The Hermetic Texts, in which Thoth’s prophecy comes down to us, draw on ancient Egyptian wisdom traditions more than 4,500 years old.

Graham Hancock begins…

“We…. we live at a crossroads – there’s no doubt – we all feel it. We all know it.

I don’t think it is the first time that mankind has stood at such a crossroads, but here we are, now…facing it, and hopefully…dealing with it.

I’m going to close (his evening’s presentation), with a reading from The Hermetica – from the Hermetic texts. Hermes was the Greek version of the ancient Egyptian god Thoth – the Romans knew him as Mercury. In a dialogue… The Hermetica – many of them are dialogues between Thoth-Hermes and various pupils of his – and in one, called the ‘Asclepius’, a lament is presented – and it’s a like a prophecy. It’s a bit like the Mayan prophecy. Egypt seems to stand as a metaphor for the whole world in this – and to my mind – for the world in our time, this lament, this prophecy, is speaking directly to us. So it’s Hermes speaking, and he’s saying to Asclepius this:

‘Do you know Asclepius, that Egypt is an image of Heaven, or to speak more exactly, in Egypt all the operations of the powers which rule and work in Heaven, are present in the Earth below. In fact it should be said, that the whole Cosmos dwells in this our land, as in a sanctuary. And yet, since it is fitting that wise men should have knowledge of all events before they come to pass, you must not be left in ignorance of what I now will tell you.

Sunset on The Great pyramid and surrounding pyramids of Giza

There will come a time, when it will have been in vain, that Egyptians have honoured the Godhead with heartfelt piety and service, and all our holy worship will be fruitless and ineffectual. The gods will return from Earth to Heaven, Egypt will be forsaken, and the land which was once the home of religion will be left desolate, bereft of the presence of its deities.

Oh, Egypt, Egypt…of thy religion nothing will remain but an empty tale which thine own children, in time to come, will not believe. Nothing will be left but graven words and only the stones will tell of thy piety; and in that day, men will be weary of life, and they will cease to think the Universe worthy of reverent wonder and worship. They will no longer love this world around us, this incomparable work of God, this glorious structure which He has built, this sum of good, made up of many diverse forms, this instrument whereby the will of God operates in that which he has made, ungrudgingly favouring Man’s welfare. This combination and accumulation of all the manifold things that call forth the veneration, praise and love of the beholder. Darkness will be preferred to light, and death will be thought more profitable than life. No one will raise their eyes to Heaven. The pious will be deemed insane, the impious – wise. The madman will be thought a brave man; and the wicked will be esteemed as good.

As for the soul and the belief that it is immortal by nature, or may hope to attain to immortality, as I have taught you – all this they will mock and even persuade themselves that it is false. No word of reverence or piety, no utterance worthy of Heaven will be heard or believed, and so the gods will depart from mankind – a grievous thing – and only evil angels will remain who will mingle with men and drive the poor wretches into all manner of reckless crime – into wars and robberies and frauds, and all things hostile to the nature of the soul. Then will the Earth tremble and the sea bear no ships. Heaven will not support the stars in their orbits. All voices of the gods will be forced into silence. The fruits of Earth will rot. The soil will turn barren and the very air will sicken with sullen stagnation. All things will be disordered and awry. All good will disappear.

Burning buildings and street in an Armageddon type scene

But, when all this has befallen, Asclepius, then, God the Creator of all things, will look on that which has come to pass and will stop the disorder by the counterforce of His will, which is the good. He will call back to the right path those who have gone astray. He will cleanse the world of evil, washing it out with floods, burning it out with the fiercest fire, expelling it with war and pestilence – and thus he will bring back His world to its former aspect, so that the Cosmos will once more be deemed worthy of worship and wondering reverence, and God the Maker and Maintainer of the mighty fabric, will be adored by the men of that day with continuous songs of praise and blessing. Such is the new birth of the Cosmos, it is a making again of all things good. A holy and awe-inspiring  restoration of all nature and it is wrought inside the process of time by the eternal will of the Creator’.”


Mr Hancock concludes the video by expressing his concerns of the road mankind is on; and asks, have we been on this road before? Have we severed our connection with Spirit, as was proposed in his enquiries, in pursuit of things physical and material? He believed this to be true, and I would have to agree.

We currently marvel at our reach and power over our world. We can put plastic pollution on the top of Everest and the bottom of the Mariana Trench, as seems our want, but we seem unable to find the time to stop and talk to our neighbour. Our abilities to ‘achieve’ seem to outpace our thoughts for our planet, other people; and in the truest sense – ourselves and the future we have.

Standing back and looking at this Prophecy today, we may say, we don’t believe in Egyptian gods of yesteryear. We might over concern ourselves with the burdens we place today on words such as worship, religion or piety; but these words were given many thousands of years ago, by different people of a different time; and have been through the prism of more than one translation of language I would suggest. The deeper meaning of the piece however,  speaks to the Spirit within.

When we lift our eyes from our naval to the horizon, we can see the world around us is sick; but the cure is simple. Society will not come to order, until Man himself comes to order. The Earth will not shed its unhealthy malaise, until Man himself sheds his unhealthy malaise. The seas will not come back into balance, until Man himself comes back into balance. The air will not return to a purified state, until Man himself returns to a more purified state. These wisdoms are true now as they were true then; for the only constants, in an ever changing world, are God and Spirit.

A sunburst of light on daises growing in a wooded scene


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