This morning’s search for meaning!

Finding the Foortpath website logo
Finding the Foortpath website logo

This morning’s search for meaning!

Finding the Foortpath website logo

This morning’s search for meaning!


The journey so far …

My name is Patrick Meehan, I am a highly unqualified lifestyle guru. I have won many awards, although not since sports day July 1978. My tips on food are… less; on exercise… more; and on beauty… lighting. That’s those areas covered. Now for the rest of life’s ponderables; existentialism, determinism/free will, what happens when we die? And at a cinema… which arm rest is yours? These questions, and more, will all need further deliberation.

1979 to 1985

I was educated at skool.

From 2002 to 2007

I thought about writing a ‘How to’ guide to really Catch that fella’s eye; but I decided there has been enough written on how dangerous umbrellas can be.


I launch my blog!

1986 to 1997

I endeavoured to become the first man to split the atom with a knife and fork… but I had to stop because my mum said I was making too much noise.

2008 to 2012

I considered writing a magazine column, sharing my secret on ‘shortcuts to happiness’ with the world, in weekly instalments, but so efficient is the technique I couldn’t stretch it into week two.

1998 to 2001

I stayed in bed because I think I caught the millennium bug.

From 2012 to 2019

I structured my plan to become a social media influencer. I spoke to many people who were actually under the influence, but I’m still trying to make sense of the notes I made at the time.

I am a man of simple means, making my living working with stone in the great outdoors. Like everyone, I have made acquaintance with triumph and disaster in appropriate measures, and both have left me a little richer for the experience. Alas, these were not recognised by current scholastic decorations, hence the invented aforementioned C.V.

I have, for a long time, enjoyed exploring thoughts and concepts, my own and those of others. Writing is just one way to make those explorations; to find passage through life’s twists and turns, make connections between ideas, and ultimately helping you to discover your own true direction, on solid ground. It is healthy I think, to express what is within and share those ideals with like minds who are interested in people, their individual and collective search for what ‘is’.

Life is full of different challenges and issues that face everyone alive today. Good efforts can be made to deal with each issue on their own. Some remedies are successful, some are not. While we have to, of course, deal with the daily itinerary through the day, I feel we should give a little time to ask more fundamental questions, to find the root cause of why problems befall us as they do, to discover links between the previously unrelated, to consider cause and effect.

“Happy is he who is able to know the causes of things. – Virgil”

Within the current tensions that exist between science and theism, the truth, quietly waits to be discovered. Across the fields of a lot of our materialistic branches of science, some of the world’s greatest thinkers ask a multitude of probing and pertinent questions; a lot of those questions start with a ‘How?’ Within the humanistic sciences, religions and philosophy other great thinkers ask questions that more often start with a ‘Why?’ All should be in pursuit of an understanding of the essence of the laws of nature that run through the DNA of our universe; from the nature of man to the nature of stars, and everything inbetween.

There is also a smaller band of thinkers that are starting to push at the door that straddles across both disciplines. What if there are fields of science yet undiscovered to humankind; surely we wallow in arrogance if we say there are not. What if there was more to be learnt about spirituality for those who follow the religions of the world. The ultimate order of things, the ‘Theory of Everything’ that Steven Hawkins searched for, is treasure still waiting to be fully discovered. What if those working on quantum physics and those seeking for spirituality were beginning to lift two different ends of the same curtain, peeking underneath to catch a glimpse of universal and eternal truths. There are those within science that dismiss religion as antiquated, socially structured, belief systems that are born from mythology; there are those within religion that say science alone condemns us to being soulless ‘meat robots’ in a universe that at its core, is dead. What if there was a common denominator between both schools of thought? If there was a spiritual creative force, a universal principal intelligence, a God, or whatever name you wish to use, why would they let us struggle so much between faith and knowledge? Could it be that we learn so much more when we discover something for ourselves, through endeavour and failures, than if we are fed something without question?

Every untested scientific discovery starts with creative thought, imagination and an intuitive leap of faith. If logic and reason is applied to what we might understand as our spiritual selves; therein, between the beautiful fusion of those two worlds we may open up to the science of Spirit and the ultimate truth of what we all seek. The truth of who we are, and the origin and destiny of life universal.


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