This morning’s search for meaning!

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This morning’s search for meaning!

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This morning’s search for meaning!

I don’t believe in the Supernatural

Date Published: January 25, 2021
Rockpools by the ocean at dusk

My objective, such as it is in this post, and more broadly within this blog, is not to persuade or dissuade anybody of anything. It is to find common ground with those who search for life’s conclusive meanings too. There are a lot of rocks to turn in the rock pool, so to find curious souls who like getting their feet wet too, and to share discoveries, each with the other, for me is a morning well spent.

I guess the first thing to say, is that I believe, that everything that exists, operates under the auspices of one, over all, Natural Law of the universe. I believe that there is a creative mind behind this law, which we might call God. There are, and have been, many people through civilisations known and unknown; many cultures and faiths, and many names, for the one creator of that Natural Law.    

On different levels, especially in our quieter moments, we intuitively know parts of this law, for it abides within us, we are part of it. Its essence manifests in us, in our awe and wonder of the natural world, from the depths and breadths of the cosmos, to daily human interaction with life; and through our natural curiosities we seek a fuller understanding of it. Mankind’s sciences, probe at it through different prisms of study. Religions profess to have access to it by way of ancient texts, written long ago by people of their time, who were also on this existential search. Those who came to speak of their God, and in part, their message was commandeered by those with political agendas.

The individual might process their instincts about how this Law makes sense to them within themselves. This is where the chemistry of true understanding happens. Not through the imposition of authority.

As a theist, when I consider the universe from an atheistic point of view, my instinctive reason surfaces several questions. Am I to understand then that life has no intrinsic point?  Is the sole purpose for a human being, to act as a vehicle to ferry genes from one generation of human to the next? If biological evolution is the only guiding principal to our existence, does life have purpose to no ends at all, apart from the perpetuation of a sequence of nucleotides in D.N.A.?            

An image of a strand of D.N.A. double helix with light shining from within

What then is the evolutional purpose for – a human asking about human evolutional purposes? All human experience, within every person that ever was, or will be; every struggle and every endeavour, every achievement, are all for naught.  Every civilisation that ever rose and fell; art, architecture, music, love, despair and salvation, all the learning that was ever done; can be categorised as  –  a coincidental bi-product of the propagation of chromosatic codes. The only purpose of which, is to hold information that instructs cells to make proteins in a certain sequence…. for the design of the carrier of said genes. It appears like a perfect exercise in pointlessness. It all seems a rather elaborate and precarious route to take by chromosomes and genes, to steer a certain path to eventual oblivion. The horseshoe crab enjoys an uninterrupted run of 445 million years, why change from that position if the solitary purpose of the gene is purely longevity. It seems a little irrational to evolve to make your evolutional predicament more perilous. My reason tells me, that when I observe the order that is written through the universe, like a stick of rock, there has to be more to us, and our ‘unexplained’ consciousness, than just being part of a relay for a gene, that I would propose, doesn’t have our level of conscious autonomy.

I was born and raised Irish Catholic in County London. For the absolute majority of time I really enjoyed it. It was my culture, I felt a belonging, a place of familiarity and security and certainly still do – if they’ll still have me after this piece. Some of my best friends are family and friends. Being born into a religion, was handy enough when I was young as you had your thinking done for you. I don’t remember too much ecumenical decision making on my part, at the time of the early ceremonies that initiated my faith – Baptism, First Holy Communion and Confirmation. Me thinks if I had said, after consideration, I wasn’t ready to commit to Confirmation at the age of ten; my father might have, let’s say… talked me round.

The vaulted inner roof of a cathedral with sunlight bursting through the windows

But God love my parents, of course, that’s all they knew, that’s all I knew, it’s handed down like language, music and cultural heritage; and you love your parents and you want their approval, to make them happy – be like them. Growing up, religion is the only conduit people understand for their own intimate spiritual beliefs. By the time one becomes an adult, and has a little life experience; has had debates with the stars on your own a few nights, you are committed to the religion you find yourself in by way of your birth place. If the religion you’re in can’t satisfy you with answers to your questions, then, sometimes people come away from it in frustration, sometimes saying… ‘If that’s God, then keep Him’. This is sad for me in a way. I believe all religions have a seed of that eternal Natural Law, the truth of what ‘is’, at their core; but around that pure and simple seed, has been constructed laws created by man, over time, to try to control that intuitive channel people have for accessing their God.

We have our laws, we create laws all the time; they are needed for the sprawling societies we live in today, to salvage some order from potential chaos. But laws created by mankind are imbued with the flaws that are inherent to us. One example, economics has a multitude of laws within its structure for instance; their fundamental purpose is profit. A trawler company might upgrade equipment, produce great factory ships, have the best sonar available to locate every shoal of fish in the ocean, larger nets, and vacuum every possible fish from the ocean they are able. This may come under the definition of intelligent, in view of pursuit of profit; is it wise?     

There is an old Cree Indian prophecy,  “Only when the last tree has been cut down, the last fish been caught, and the last stream poisoned, will you find that money cannot be eaten.”

Three Native American teepees at night under a star encrusted sky

One might suggest that the Native American peoples were living closer to the Natural Law than the Western World does today. It consequently survived for many thousands of years until interrupted by the imposition of Man’s laws being thrust upon them and their great civilisation was almost wiped out. To some, this might sound like some communist agenda, or a plea that we should go back to living in tepees. Not at all, we are where we are, we can only go forward from here. And trade is good, you meet different peoples in the process, and also trade cultures, ideas and technologies. It is a natural state for mankind to barter and trade for what you have in surplus and what you lack; but if it is done on the basis of need, and not greed. There is your Natural Law.

So I don’t believe in the Supernatural, no; all that exists is in a natural state. Mysticism is something created by Man to project a facade of power and hidden knowledge, only for a few. Nothing is outside of nature, just outside of our understanding as yet. The only place where the order of the Natural Law is interrupted is where we try to impose Man’s laws and desires in its place here on Earth. Could it be that, an element of the Natural Law is to restore order to itself when assaulted; does the cause and effect of our negative actions, trigger responses within nature that halt us in our attempts at self destruction.

This is why we feel ‘at home’ within nature. When we can be closer to the Law, and its whispered wisdoms. Where our soul finds rest. 

When I am asked… “Give me evidence for your God.” I might say… “Give me evidence for peace.”  We cannot point to it; you already know what it is.

Take a walk, through the woods, on the shore, in the fields, in quietude; there, your evidence sings its hushed rhapsody.

A morning country scene with a road winding across fields into the distance


    • findingthefootpath

      It really is my pleasure, thank you for your comment. This is all new to me so I’m learning as I go.

  1. Corine

    I like the way you go in this text from your Catholic education to the wisdom of Native American peoples; and how you might help the reader to discover, if he wants to, the evidence of the existence of God in simplicity,


    • Finding the Footpath

      Thanks Corine, there’s a spiritual thread through so many different religions, cultures and experiences that connect us all.


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